Super Puzzle Platformer


A Bejeweled where the pieces can kill you



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Super Puzzle Platformer is an arcade game where you control a little character who has to survive as long as possible in a kind of deadly Bejeweled.

Upon starting the game, your character will come across the background of the classical Bejeweled game filled with colored pieces. In seconds, the different colored pieces will begin to fall – and if they fall on you, they'll kill you. Thus your objective is to not only dodge them, but also match pieces and destroy them with your pistol.

Destroying groups of like-colored blocks earns you points. And the more blocks you can match and destroy, the more points you'll get, although you'll have to shoot many more times, which can be a bit dangerous. If you're not careful, you can also fall off the back of the level, where there are spikes that will kill you instantly.

Super Puzzle Platformer is a frenetic platform game that despite not having much variety still offers a fun experience. Your little character is also really adorable with his little cape and pistol.
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